Stone Collector Statement Necklace


This section is named for the Titan goddess of light. She is responsible for giving precious metals and stones their shine and intrinsic value. Each piece in this section is fabricated by hand using traditional smithing techniques and as a result is one of a kind

A very large 6 stone Statement necklace. Featuring dendritic opal, leopard jasper, super seven stone, labradorite amethyst druzy, and turquoise.
Each set in sterling silver accented with organic silver granules
Measures approximately 24 inches in total length. On 17 inches of large link sterling cable chain with a lobster clasp so you can adjust the length. Shown on full length in photos

About the stones:
Dendritic opal (white and black) : dendrites are fern like inclusions of metallic oxides like iron and manganese forming natural black designs in the stone. Also called Merlinite (which is a cooler name) this stone is associated with magic and psychic intuition

Leopard jasper: aptly named for resembling a leopards spots, like all jaspers this stone is associated with strength and vitality

Super 7: also called “Sacred seven" or "Melody stone", is a quartz stone that contains seven materials; goethite, cacoxenite, rutile, lepidocrocite, amethyst, clear quartz and smoky quartz and thus carries the properties of all seven

Purple labradorite: (shown in full flash in photo 3) a spectral stone believed by the Inuits to be the Aurora borealis trapped in the earth

Amethyst: druzy simple refers to a stone who’s service is covered with many tiny sparkly crystals. This purple quartz is believed to help with balance and temperance.

Turquoise: one of the most ancient protective talisman stones known to man. It’s blue color connects the elements of sky and water to the earth

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